Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve & Day

This Christmas we had surprisingly few people around at church. But those who were still here made sure to spend time together, to be family for one another. We were blessed to have a delicious dinner and breakfast prepared for us by some of the military folk (see Julie and Leah below, as well as Chris, Joe, and Samantha - am I forgetting anyone?) on Christmas Eve and Day. Thanks so much, it was such a blessing! Felt more like 'home' thanks to lovely people like you!

Christmas will never be the same in Okinawa as it is in Canada, but as long as we're celebrating for all the right reasons, Christmas will always be the most special day of the year! Thank you Jesus for redeeming us by Your blood!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Personal Best

Well, I still don't like running, but today I decided I had to do more than usual. Normally I run around 5km (3 miles) but I also know that if I want to get better at running, I have to try more every once in a while. Today was one of those days. I was supposed to get up in the morning and run but just didn't "feel it" so I stayed in the comfort of my bed. This afternoon after doing some housework and computer work, I decided I had to make something of the beautiful weather. (It wasn't too warm but at least the sun came out to play for the first time in days!)

The result: a personal best 9.44km run (let's not get technical now, mind you!) in 50 minutes. I started on my normal path, but decided to just keep on going. And going. And going. And eventually turn back towards home, but take a longer route. And sometimes I stop with about a kilometer to go, and walk the rest of the way home to "cool down" but today I just kept going. Stopped when I got home. I coulda kept going, actually!!! But I was tired. Anyways, praise the Lord for legs to run with, and (somehow, miraculously) the discipline to run despite it being "the holidays" and wanting to be lazy!



Monday, December 21, 2009

Pizza BOB III - 満腹パーティー




Today was the final BOB of 2009. The only way to end the year was to have another excellent pizza party! Oh man did we ever eat a lot! We ate well! When the men gather for food at my place, everyone goes home a few notches looser on the belt, and a few notches up the happy scale! Thanks to everyone who came and partook in the food!

We also watched my favourite Christmas movie, "Christmas Story" while eating. Could you ask for a better night? Thank the Lord for providing into our lives, giving us great fellowship, and for all His love. What a great 7 months of men's discipleship it's been!

Christmas Outreach in Nago

Yesterday a group of us went up to Nago to Pastor Tim's house. Tim and Ayu and Masaki moved up to Nago at the end of July to start a new work there. They meet Sundays and Wednesdays for worship service, and Tim also hangs out with the breakdancers on a regular basis, reaching out to them and sharing the love of Christ with them.

This time he hosted a Christmas party - around 50 people showed up, half of whom did not know Jesus. The party began with a lot of delicious food... curry, bread, fish, chicken, salad, you name it! Then after some performances (Hakugaijin, Aoki-san on the... some unique instrument, Andrew on the guitar, etc.) there was dessert and games, and finally the Christmas message.

It was such a blessed night, and one of the breakdancers made a decision to accept the Lord into his heart! Exciting! I wasn't around to celebrate - I left early to prepare for today's men's fellowship - but I was excited to hear the news! Pray for Masaki (not Newell - mind you, you can pray for him too of course!) the breakdancer and his "new life" as a follower of the living God!

My camera batteries died after about 5 pics, so this is all I've got. Sorry.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Thank you! 3級!



The results are in: somehow, I managed to pass the Kanji Proficiency Test, Level 3! (This is the equivalent of knowing 1,608 Chinese characters.) Who'd have ever thought that this country boy from Manitoba would ever even take an interest in writing a foreign language, let alone memorize all these mysterious symbols? I'll say this: God has given me a passion to learn... not just kanji, but all sorts of things! I am so thankful that He has given me a curious spirit, and the ability to remember things like this! All praise and glory to Him!

Some interesting stats about this test: it covers 1,608 kanji (though not all of them are actually on the test - there are 284 "new" ones not covered on the Level 4 test, and not even all of those are covered on this test... it's like a cumulative test, so they randomly choose), and last year only 52.8% of those who took the test passed it. I scored 163 out of a possible 200 points, which put me 23 above the pass-fail line. The test consists of ten parts, which are hard to explain to someone who doesn't understand Japanese. I scored above average on 9 of the 10 sections - and the only one I didn't score higher on, I scored .3 (out of 10) lower than average. The next level - pre-2nd - covers an extra 337 characters, and the highest level - 1st - covers a total of 6,000 kanji! Only 13.5% of those who take that test pass it. Oh, these tests are not designed for foreigners, though of course they can take them if they want. They're designed for the Japanese.

So what does this mean? And what's next? It means nothing, really... I suppose it's something cool to add to my resume. It definitely impresses people. (But who's trying?) As for the next challenge, there is a test which is designed for foreigners, called the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. I have never taken it before, but there are five levels, I think. The highest is Level 1, and should you pass it, it is said that you could become a student at a Japanese university. It's required at most universities if you are a foreigner and you want to get in (not as an exchange student). Well, this test is administered twice a year, and yesterday was the 2nd one for 2009. So I'm hoping to take Level 1 in July of next year. I have to hit the books pretty hard, but with God on my side, I can do all things! Please pray for me and cheer me on!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Marriage

I read a great devotional today, describing our relationship with Jesus as a husband-wife relationship. Weird to think of myself as a wife, but once I got past that the message was powerful. Our "old husband" - the law - has died. When the law died, we were free from the obligations of marriage to it. The "new husband" is Jesus, and He is all about love. We do not marry to Him out of obligation, but in response to the amazing love He has shown us. And we do not serve Him faithfully because it's our duty as wives, but because we adore Him so much that we want to be the best wives we can be! And so that is what I desire to do: love "my husband" to the best of my ability - not because I have to, but in response to His beautiful love! (I told you it's a little weird as a guy to think about having a "husband"!)


CCBC Oki Graduation!

On Wednesday night, Calvary Chapel Bible College, Okinawa Extension Campus had its semi-annual graduation service. This semester (the 7th that the campus has been in existence, I might add) saw a new record being set for most graduates - a whopping 4! It was so awesome to see Tom Cotton, Bryce, Amanda and Christina graduate, faces beaming and messages anointed. I was blessed to be asked to translate for Bryce. And I was also blessed to have the funnest translation gig, because Bryce brought a lot of energy and action into his message, and wouldn't let me just say it in a drab monotone voice!

Anyways, the pervading message was this: God loves you no matter what, and His grace extends beyond your imagination. Be encouraged, everyone, for His love endures forever and His grace never ends!



Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I am still running

This is the longest I have ever continued doing any kind of regular exercise in all my years here in Okinawa. I started running on June 28th, and have gone 3 times a week, every week, except when I was sick for a week or so. I'm so proud of myself! Slowly I am buying myself better gear, as I start to realize how serious I am about getting (and eventually staying) in shape. Here's me after my run today (about 20 minutes ago). This is the last you'll see of the MO, as it is now the month of DE.

Monday, November 30, 2009

MO - Compare

This is me at the end of Week 1...

And me on Movember 30th.

Clearly, it's come in full and thick.

But now what to do? Shave it? Keep it? Change it? Trim it? Got any ideas??? I'm open to suggestions... for about the next 14 hours, at which point a decision may be made before I head to work for the beginning of (*sniffle*) December.

Monday, November 23, 2009






This time you English readers get ripped off. Here's a summary: Tim moved up to Nago, happened to breakdance with one of my former students from the Iejima days (we're talking 10 years ago)... he invites the guy over for a birthday dinner last Saturday (14th) and had me come up as a surprise guest. It was awesome to see Shuhei again! He's grown up but is still the same! Anyways, he and 3 of his friends even came to church the next day for the first time! Pray that they keep coming and continue to hear about Jesus! Thanks, Tim, for the invitation! Let's also continue to keep Pastor Tim and his family in prayer as well!

In Korea

I wish I had taken more photos while I was in Korea... but then I ask myself, "Pictures of what? It's not like you got out and SAW much!" Oh, but I did learn a lot, and met a lot of wonderful people - my classmates and professors! Still, I was pretty mellow in the evenings... only venturing out with the classmates on my last night. The rest of the time I tried to lay low and get a lot of rest. (Some nights, this was easier than others - but that's another story.)

So I attended a 3-day (supposed to be 4 but I had to leave early) conference at which I met some world-renowned professors in the field of TESOL - namely, Professors Nunan, Bailey, and Ellis. I have had the pleasure of taking a class with Professor Bailey, and I've also chatted with Prof Nunan online in some of my other classes. It was very different meeting them in person, and I was floored by how much knowledge they were able to impart/share within such a short time frame!

And my classmates... wow, I was in awe of the wisdom of some, the kindness of some, the personalities of others... all in all, I would say it was a huge blessing to get to know them all! I wish I had had even more time to talk to them, though.

Highlights included sharing a little testimony with Roxanne and hearing hers, doing Indian accents with Jerek, chatting with Melissa outside a karaoke bar until 1 am, speaking French avec Tony, hearing Jeff excel in every session we were in, getting to know all the newbies in person before having really formed an impression of them online, and hearing all sorts of stories from Elizabeth. Oh, and of course being blessed with the tour guide abilities of Ken, without whom I would have spent more money and had less fun!

I can't wait until next year's residential, especially when I heard where it might be: TOKYO! Time for me to be a guide/interpreter for others! Looking forward to seeing y'all in 11 months!

Fukuoka - one great city!

I haven't traveled extensively outside of Okinawa for awhile... I used to make as many trips up to mainland as I could, but in recent years that has not been the case. Anyways, I have to say that probably my two favourite cities outside of Okinawa are Sapporo and Fukuoka. I have yet to see the entire country so I don't know how they would hold up against all the rest... but so far they rank highly!

Anyhow, on my way to Korea for my grad school conference, I got to spend around 8 hours in Fukuoka. So I went back to my favourite park (Ohori Park) and walked around it twice, stopping here and there to take pictures or just enjoy the views. SO many people go there just to jog - they have a nice track around the lake that measures exactly 2 km, so I can imagine if I lived there, I would probably head out there to run as much as I could!

Then I walked back to the main part of the city (Tenjin) and had Hakata Ramen for lunch, and then walked to Canal City, a huge shopping mall. There, I realized I shoulda held out a bit longer and eaten at the Ramen Stadium - a museum/hall of ramen where there were 8 different shops, each with several types of ramen, to choose from! Ah well, next time!

I settled for Cold Stone Creamery instead. Not a bad consolation prize! Korea, here I come!

Mini-Class Reunion

Just over a month ago, one of my former students from OCSI came back from the States for a visit. She used good ol' Facebook to arrange a little class reunion of sorts - the people who are/were on Okinawa came out to Cappriciosa's for dinner. From the Class of 2002, there were about 8 people represented: Ally, Teresa, Jennifer, Sera, Naomi, Hazel, Haruna, Miho. A couple of others joined from the upperclasses: Tiffany and Sheryl. Other than spouses, I was the lone male representative... and I'm not even in the class!

I was so blessed to have been invited, and to have had the chance to catch up with some of my favourite students of all time! (You really are! But for those of you who are former students of mine and are reading this, you are also in my select group of all-time favourites! I promise!)

Teresa, Sera, Haruna and Tiffany are married and have child(ren). Ally's also married. Sheryl's engaged. Wow, they're not "high school kids" anymore! Thanks for inviting me out, Sera! Be sure to let me know when you come back to visit again! Or you can just move back here with your family!

Bowling BOB

Another back-log entry... sorry it's taken me awhile to post news, everyone. I'm hoping that today I can get caught up completely and then go back to updating regularly once or twice a week.

Anyways, back in September we had our regular "fellowship BOB" meeting, but instead of just eating a lot of food at my house, as we had the previous 3 months, we decided to hit the lanes. On this particular night, Tokito was "king of the lanes" - throwing down a TURKEY in Game 2! Awesome! I think he finished with a 180 or something.

The turnout was pretty good, and don't worry... we managed to eat a lot of food here, too! The lanes have their own Pizza Hut and A & W! Good times had by all!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Post-Hokkaido Blessing

On my way from Hokkaido, I had to transfer in Tokyo. Well, it just so happened that I had about 5 hours to spare, and also two students from the OCSI class of 2002 living in the Tokyo area. It was also a day off all across Japan, so neither of them was working. Anyways, it worked out well for us to meet at Tokyo Station and have dinner together,and that's exactly what we did. I hadn't met Jennifer since their graduation, perhaps! Aki has spent time in Okinawa and Tokyo, but comes back to visit whenever she can, so I have seen her a few times since then... including my trip up to Tokyo in January with Joe.

It was such a blessing to catch up on old times, and it's always wonderful to hear that the students you shared the gospel with are walking with the Lord! Thanks, ladies, for a wonderful stopover in Tokyo!

Hokkaido, at last!

Well, 2 months after my computer broke (almost to the exact day), I am finally going to post a few pictures of my trip to Hokkaido (September 18-23). Let me begin with a quick summary of how God worked. I got there and took a bus to Maruyama Koen Bus Terminal (about an hour). I got picked up by a man named Steve, who was with his wife, Michiyo. They took me to their place, where I stayed for 5 nights (none of this was my plan, mind you). I got to know the family (children Christina, 11, Tetsuo and Tetsuharu, 7, and Shion, 2 months) well, partook in worship services with them (including perhaps the first Calvary Chapel service in Hokkaido - though it was not under the name Calvary), prayed with them, sightsaw with them, dined with them, struggled with them, laughed with them... they became "my family" for 5 days, and I will never forget their kindness, or how the Lord brought us together and kept us together for 5 days! It was definitely neither my plan nor theirs, but no doubt the Lord's! If you want to hear more about my trip, ask me! I love talking about my time there! Also, pray for me... who knows if the Lord wants to send me up there permanently???

My first food in Hokkaido was homemade curry and then a fresh half-melon. OHHHHH, sooooo good!

Sunday after morning service, me and the kids went hiking together. Here we are at the top of Mt. Sankake. It was SO fun! Perhaps the highlight of my trip!

Steve preaches in Hungarian and his lovely wife Michiyo translates into Japanese for the people. He is truly an anointed teacher of the Word!

This is the front entrance area to Shiroi Koibito Factory. It is very famous in Sapporo. Me and the kids had a blast!

The final farewell at the bus terminal. It was such a huge blessing to meet this loving, godly family! Thank you, Lorinczes, for your hospitality! The Lord will provide for all your needs, according to His riches!

MO, Take 3!

Three weeks of Movember are already over, can you believe it? It's funny, I have had such mixed reactions to my MO. Most guys DIG it - either because they can't believe how handsome I am with a mustache (that's a joke, people) or because they wish they could grow something this full on their faces (either they're military and can't, or they're too young and can't, or too controlled by their woman and can't). OK, you can take this whole paragraph with a grain of salt, because I am definitely saying it all tongue-in-cheek.

So here's the question for you: when MOvember is all over, what should I do?

1) Shave it off and remain clean shaven
2) Shave it off and try something new
3) Grow the rest of the beard in
4) Shave it down to a "regular" mustache or even a "Prince" mustache

Place your vote now! One lucky voter will receive a special prize, provided they can answer the skill-testing question they are asked!



4)今の口ヒゲを短くする(普通 or プリンス系


Monday, November 16, 2009

MO Update

I don't know, man... I said I wouldn't shave it for the whole month, but I'm starting to have my doubts. As much as it's fun to have a mustache, I have had so many "facial hairstyles" that this one isn't really 'special' to me. But I do have to say, it's for a good cause! If you want more information, check out the official Movember site. And if you are moved to do so, support someone out there who's growing their MO for 30 days! Here's mine after 15 days:

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Movember is here!

Some of you may not know this, but the 11th month of the year is now known as Movember. The month of Movember is a time to reflect on men's health. We men are encouraged to grow our mustaches clean from November 1, for the entire month, and raise awareness of diseases/health issues that affect men. In fact, many men in North America, Europe, South Africa and Australia and New Zealand also raise funds which are donated to research.

My brother is one of those men, and so in support of him (and men in general), I am growing my MO this month, too! It's a work in progress but... what do you think?



Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rough week, eh?

This is more of a venting of the hard stuff that happened this week. It is in no way indicative of how I really feel. To be frank, I actually enjoyed my week to some extent. There were a lot of positives to take from it... but here's some of the adversity I came across.

Sunday: Fly from Korea to Fukuoka - wake up way earlier than we non-farmers were ever intended to. Find out the flight will leave Fukuoka, but may return to Fukuoka because of a typhoon approaching Okinawa. The flight lands at its destination, but it was somewhat turbulent.
Monday: Back to work. Ugh. Not ready for this, after such a lovely time in Korea! But whatever... get through it, drive home feeling burnt out. Go for a run (energy begets energy, as they say!). Feel worse. Miss out on BOB and all-you-can-eat ice cream at On Dish. No energy to start Week 3 of 580 (the grad school class).
Tuesday: Feeling worse, miss work. No brain cells functioning very well. No 580 work accomplished, no fun. Movies somewhat entertaining, but the headache prevents full enjoyment.
Wednesday: Feel better, give work a try. Voice starts to deteriorate. But after work, feeling great! Gotta catch up on laundry, studies, and eat a "real" meal for the first time in days! Accomplish a lot! Still no 580, though. Go to church. Come home feeling worse than in the morning.
Thursday: Wake up shivering at around 3am. Never truly fall back asleep. Go to the hospital, treated like a leper (had to wait in the car, b/c they thought I might have flu). Waited long time. Was told that they are 90% sure I don't have swine flu or any other form of it. BUT they can't say for sure, and oh, "would you like us to prescribe you some medicine?" (They're the experts, aren't they? If they think I need it, gimme! If not, don't!) I leave without meds, go home, sleep/rest. No time/brain cells for 580.
Friday: Feeling a little better, but follow the doctor's orders and stay home. Need rest. Must rest. Don't want to rest. The ceiling is only so interesting. Finally read the chapter for 580. Uh-oh. No computer. Can't post anything. Can't read any DF. 1 day til class. I'm DONE. Go out for lunch, come home, go out to Starbucks, come home. Panic. Go to a cafe, finally with time/energy/resources to work on 580. Get some stuff done (was it enough, though?). Oh, and... I missed the kanji test that I have been studying 6 months for. Too sick for work = too sick to take a proficiency test. Oh, and I found out Acer Japan is incompetent, put the wrong motherboard in my computer - which they've had for almost 3 weeks now - and they have to order one from the States. "It'll be 2-3 more weeks." Are you KIDDING? Great way to cap off the week, eh?

But there's a good chance that a new computer's on the way... God's mercies are new every morning! (Oddly enough, my devos these days are in the book of Job - so compared to him, the things plaguing me are nothing! Just gotta keep holding on, trusting that He knows best - and He does!)

Monday, October 19, 2009


OK it's quite late - having a busted computer has prevented me from updating this much recently, but here's someone I want you all to meet (if you haven't already): my nephew, Damon Raichura. He was born on Tuesday, August 11 in the wee hours of the morning (more like the middle of the night). Anyways, he's now over 2 months old, and looking cuter with every new picture I get from the family!

Last month when I had a bit of time off work, I went over to visit my friend Barbie, who's a quilting instructor. She had helped me already make 3 quilts (imagine that - me, a quilter!) so I figured, I made one for Myles, let's make one for Damon! I can't be there to cuddle and make him feel all warm and fuzzy, so I guess the quilt will have to do that for me! So here's a picture of my dear nephew, and the quilt his uncle made for him with tender loving care.

By the way, Facebook users, this came to you only because my blog and facebook are linked - don't be thinking I've already caved in and updated my FB!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Weird Happening

Today I headed down to the office at school on my way out the door. On my way in, everything was normal. On my way out, I look over and see my colleague, Nick, being bugged by some Japanese guys with a video camera. Then one of them, with a fake afro and painted on mustache, calls out, "Hey, Mark!" He's looking at me.

I know he wants to talk with me. I figure, what the heck? Let's have a little fun... after all, it's Friday afternoon before a long weekend... let the fun begin NOW! Here's a rough transcript of what happened. J1 = Japanese guy 1 (fro & mustache); J2 = Japanese guy 2 (long blonde wig); T = me

J1: Hey, Mark! My friend!
T:Hey what's up, man?
J1: Mark, my high school friend!
T: Long time no see!
(We hug.)
J1: What's your name?
T: I'm... Mark.
J1: Oh, I'm Mark!
T: We have the same name?
J1: I'm Eddie Murphy.
T: Yeah, I know! Nutty Professor...
J1: What?
T: (slowly) The... Nutty... Professor...
J1: Oh yeah! (makes motion like he's got a really wide butt)
J2: この人のヒゲはちょっとゲイっぽい。。。(This guy's beard makes him look gay.)
(Trevor looks from one guy to the other, apparently confused - little do they know I speak Japanese!)
J1: Are you gay?
J2: You... gay?
(Trevor looks at J2 and then slaps him across the face.)
T: NO!
(J1 also slaps J2 across the face.)
J1: I'm sorry man, good job!
(J1 & Trevor give each other a high five.)
J2: I'm sorry.
(J2 goes to shake Trevor's hand, gooses him in the process.)
T: HEY! Don't touch! That's the no-touch zone! (to J1) Maybe HE is gay! He touched my no-touch zone!
J1: Yeah. OK, do you know good job?
T: Good job?
J1: Yeah, ecology, recycle...
T: Oh yeah, of course!
J1: OK, last question. What do you think, Japan student woman?
T: You mean high school girls?
J1: Yeah. You like?
T: NO!
J1: Why?
J2: You gay!
T: No, too young!
J1: Japan school girl... (crude comment, omitted)
T: NO! That's a BIG 犯罪 (crime).
J1: No, no 犯罪.
T: 犯罪 man, 犯罪!
J1: Last, please look (points to camera), say "Good!"
J1, T, J2: GOOD!
J1: You from America?
T: No, Canada!
J1: Oh, Canada. Wayne Gretzky! Steve Nash! Celine Dion!
J2: You English teacher?
T: No, Chinese.
(J1 laughs, J2 glares.)
T: I'm comedian, like Eddie Murphy.


Weird, random Friday happening!
Oh, and afterwards I got looks from the office ladies. I kinda bowed in apology for making noise... but it wasn't my fault! These guys came up to me all noisy and hyper!

Anyways, if you're in Okinawa and watch TV from time to time, try to catch me on Okinawa TV... and if you're WAY cool you'll even record it for me! I don't have an antenna on my TV so I can't even see how stupid I looked!

Monday, October 5, 2009

No PC + Grad School = No Blogging

Hey all. It's been awhile, that's for sure! I was really excited about my trip to Hokkaido (Sept.18-23) and how I would be able to blow everyone away with breathtaking pictures of one of the most beautiful parts of Japan. Then something happened.

Remember September 2007? Yeah, my HP failed me and I was computer-less for nearly 3 months. Well, it's not the same problem but it's the same result. While I was in Hokkaido, my computer stopped working. It's in mainland right now being diagnosed, though I'm quite sure it's the motherboard. (This means it's going to be real expensive to repair!)

And so my wonderful roommate Rob was kind enough to loan me his newly bought laptop so that I could at least finish my huge grad school assignment. I sent it off this morning - hopefully the results will be good! (But I'm not so confident.)

Anyways, if/when I get a computer, I will post pics of Hokkaido and other stuff that's been going on. Mind you, with grad school being as demanding as it is, not much really has gone down in the past few weeks!

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Big 3-OH

Malaybraham, my dear Malaysian friend named Abraham (see how he got the nickname?) celebrated a big birthday on Friday - it's a day that the world remembers as Nine Eleven. But from now on it will be the day of the Malay - Abraham turned 30 on that day! (Well, not in 2001... this year!)

Since Keisho so kindly took him out for lunch yesterday after church (no cake!), I decided I would capitalize on my day off from work by inviting him over for some delicious chicken cutlet curry. We decided to commemorate the occasion with this picture. Kinda cooky, but I think it's a cool shot. Don't we look younger than we actually are?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Still BOBbin'

It's been awhile since I've posted anything about BOB (Brothers of Boaz). But we're still goin' strong, still studying the Word and praying with one another. Lately we've been going through Chuck Smith's book "The Man God Uses." It's a great book that devotes short chapters to the qualities that a man of God should have.

And of course, afterwards we always power up on snacks and so on. The guys are always good about bringing something for everyone to snack on (Keisho loves bringing us cake!). Last week, Kevin even blessed us with Anthony's pizza!

Well, a couple of weeks ago we had to say farewell to a good brother. Nate felt the Lord calling him back to Colorado to help with his dad's ministry there. Keisho, ever the cake provider, brought a cake and we celebrated / sent him off in style. Nate, may the Lord bless you! Keep in touch, and don't forget to pray for your brothers at BOB!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Who's this stranger?



Well, here I am, after leaving the blog alone for so long... I just haven't felt the urge to update. But a few weeks ago, I had a very special visitor come from abroad and visit me. (His purpose for coming was not to see me, but he did take time to visit! Wonderful times... but first, can you tell who it is from this pic?

So he came over and we had BBQ chicken and vegetables. Then we caught up on old times. Then my roommate Rob came back from work (baseball practice). My guest really wanted to play catch with a professional baseball player, so I (the agent) allowed him the privilege.



Finally, we drove together to OCSI and said 'hi' to his mother, and chatted with all the teachers of old. Then I drove back to Ginowan. Time went by so quickly, Keisuke, but I had an awesome time! Next time you're in Okinawa, we'll have to hang out again! All the best to you in China, my friend!