Friday, April 30, 2010

Late Fantasy Baseball Update

To the boys in this year's Courson's (Man) Crushers, here's a video that I put together with a friend - I thought of you guys when I was at Safeco! I know it's late and you guys might never think to look here, but just in case you do, watch it, enjoy it, and leave a comment!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

One of the Cutest Nephews

Yes, I am the uncle so I am biased... but this is one cute baby! I dare you to say otherwise!


Monday, April 26, 2010

Le Neveu et Les Orignaux

That means "The Nephew and the Moose." I got back to Winnipeg on Tuesday night, really late. My mom picked me up at the airport, and we hung out a little the next day, but then it was off to see a hockey game! (I'm in Canada, I gotta be Canadian, right?) My dad got us tickets to the game, a playoff game between the Manitoba Moose and the Hamilton Bulldogs. Of course we cheer for the Moose, right? Not my nephew! For some reason, Myles wanted the Bulldogs to win... so he spent much of the game in silence, since the Moose led for most of it. But in the end... well, we left early because the game went into double overtime, and the first overtime wasn't that exciting. So on our way home after dropping off Myles and Ash, we discovered that the Bulldogs won. It was a great night hanging out with my nephew (he spent most of the game sitting on my lap, and uncle doesn't mind numb legs as long as his nephew loves him) and my brother and my dad.



Long Lost Relatives

No, my relatives were not lost... and I didn't find them. But I did get to see them for the first time in 11 years! And for one of them, that meant first time EVER! When I was a little boy, I remember my cool Uncle Pete and his family coming to our house with a brand new trampoline. I was 7 years old and my cool "old" (13-17 years old) cousins taught me how to jump, and even *GASP* play with water on it! Instant favourite cousin status!

Flash forward 3 or 4 years, and we headed out to Vancouver on a family trip. On the way there, we stopped in to see the family. The cousins are still as cool as ever, and I remember even crying when we had to leave their place. From then, I don't think I saw them until one of them got married, and since then it's been even less frequent. I saw Lisa (and her husband Don) on my way back from Japan after my first year there. At the time they had a 5-month old son, Jackson, and that's all.

That was 11 years ago, so this time on my way back, I stopped in again. Jackson is 11, and they have a "new" (well, new to me) addition to the family, Jaydn (9). What a lovely family! Don is helping with a ministry to the homeless and addicted and marginalized. Lisa works at an adoption agency. Jackson and Jaydn are great kids - both play sports and are in French immersion and are growing up to be wonderful. It was a blessed visit. I hope it doesn't take 11 more years for us to hook up again!



Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Take Me Out to see ICHIRO

And when you go to Seattle, and the Mariners are in town, and you get a chance to see Ichiro, you GO! So Nate and I did! We got pretty good seats – sort of between first base and right field, in row 3 of the second deck. I got to see Ichiro (not TOO up close, but still pretty cool!) and he even got a hit and a walk during the game! I saw Miggy Cabrera hit a monster home run! I saw a major league baseball game in a major league ball park with a major league friend! Nate, I had an incredible time with you, my brother. Thanks so much for blessing me today! Love you, and I know you're going to continue to serve the Lord strong in San Diego!


Mars Hill Church!

Sunday morning. I have not been to church since Okinawa. Since April 7. I do not feel spiritually empty, but I am thirsty. Good thing my dear friend Nate has suggested a road trip to Seattle for Sunday, right? (From Bellingham it's not that far, mind you.) Well guess what's in Seattle? Some of you may know of a church called Mars Hill Church? Pastored by one Mark Driscoll? If you have not heard of it, why haven't you? Haha, just kidding... do a little google search if you're curious, or just visit their website. Awesome ministry. Awesome teacher of the Word.

Well, after service Nate and I were ready to leave, when he said, “Hey Trevor, Pastor Mark is just over there, why don't you go introduce yourself?” So I did! And we talked a little, and he agreed to take a pic with me! I feel like Pastor Tom when he gets his with Hudson Taylor III or Chuck Smith! (For you Calvary sticklers, Mark Driscoll is a lot like Chuck Smith as far as what he does in ministry – he is all about Jesus, all about planting churches to reach people for Jesus. His personality is WAY different from Chuck's from what I understand, but I love them BOTH!) What a blessed morning! Great teaching, great worship, great memories created!



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Introducing... (Part 3)

I present to you, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. and Mrs. Joshua and Kristi Perry! Just being extended an invitation to the wedding was such a huge honour and blessing. But to be asked to be an usher? And to be joined in duty by a captain in the Marine Corps? And have it be one of my close friends from yesteryear? This may not have been my wedding, but I was almost as joyful as I could possibly imagine myself being on my own wedding day.

Josh and Kristi are a beautiful couple who love the Lord earnestly and passionately. I have known Josh for 3+ years, and consider him among the best 2 friends I have ever had on this planet. Kristi, from what I know of her, is a wonderful woman who fits Josh like a glove. They will be in Okinawa around May 3rd and will stay until some time in September, so the people of Calvary Chapel Ginowan, and hopefully even others on island, will experience the joys of being in the company of two beautiful people who have committed to love each other the rest of their lives.

The message of the wedding was the beatitudes. “Blessed are...” I cannot summarize the message here, as it was quite detailed, but very apt for a couple about to commit to the biggest challenge their lives will ever face – giving themselves completely to someone else. I know Josh and Kristi will be up to the challenge, because they are putting their faith and trust in the One who can give them strength! That, and the cloud of witnesses is so strong and will fervently pray for them for years.

I love you both, Perrys! Congratulations and may the Lord bless your many years together. (I cannot put my true feelings into words that will do them justice, so I will leave things here.)





Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

America-bound! Yes, the day was bound to come... when you have this many friends in the States, and they're this cool, and this engaged, there's bound to be a wedding invitation or two. Josh and Kristi courted each other long-distance for many months... perhaps it was up to 2 or 3 years total, even. But it's all coming to an end at last! Saturday is the wedding, but Thursday night was the wedding rehearsal dinner.

Around 40 people gathered at the Perry home and we enjoyed an absolutely delicious dinner, sweet fellowship, lots of encouraging messages, and lots of laughs. I have to admit, meeting Josh's wonderful parents (Max and Carole – you'll see pics in the wedding post), siblings (Trina, Melissa, Marc and Joel) and their kids (17 in all, can't remember names!), really helped me to understand where Josh got his good looks and magnetic personality from! The Perry clan is just a wonderful bunch! Hospitable, sociable, encouraging, generous... the list can go on all night!



Hiking on Pender

I spent a few days kind of under the weather on Pender. No, the weather was not bad! It was quite pleasant my whole time there, in fact! But I must have just not enjoyed the climate change from warm and humid Okinawa to cool and (relatively) dry BC. Add in pollen season, 16 hours of time difference, inhaling some fumes against my own will, lack of sleep, the stress of moving, the sadness of leaving friends behind, and what do you get? A man who wants to sleep until mid-afternoon! And I did!

But Jay and Kelly-Ann took care of me and I was able to enjoy a few short hikes on Tuesday and Wednesday. The photos are courtesy of Jay, because in my less-than-stellar health, I was not all that motivated to pull out the camera. Thanks for the great times on Pender, Jay!


Jay, Kelly-Annさん、4日間、お世話になりました!ペンダーの良いところを見せてくれてありがとう!今度は札幌で恩返しするからね!(って、英語で全然書いてないからこの日本語が通じるはずない!)

Menno-style Dinner

Who says Mennonites are squares? We're actually quite round once you get to know us... and once we eat a few portions of perogies and farmer sausage! And did we EVER! Jay's friends Dave and John also have a house on Pender Island, and graciously allowed us to use their kitchen (the whole house, for that matter) to prepare ourselves a good meal. So it was Jay and Kelly-Ann, and myself, and special guest Marie Krahn! That's right, my youngest auntie! It was so great to see her and share a delicious chubby meal with her. Our teamwork made for an incredible meal! (Note: these are not the ones we made!)



Pender Island Kayak Adventures (PIKA)

Pender Island is a beautiful place, let me tell you. I have now been there twice, and hope to get back again sometime soon! The scenery is incredible and the people are really friendly! (They don't even get offended if you don't toke with them!)

Anyways, Jay took me and his lovely girlfriend, Kelly-Ann, on a little kayaking tour of the bay near the island, and it was SO much fun! The waters were really calm, so paddling was really easy, which enabled me to pay more attention to the scenery. The waters weren't too clear, so Jay wasn't able to point out too much aquatic life to us, but it was still a GREAT time! Thanks again for your expertise and guidance, Jay!

If you're ever out west, you MUST get out to Pender, and while there, ask for Jay – he's the most popular guy on island, and he has his own business, too! Enjoy a fun day with Jay down by the bay!



NHL! プロアイスホッケー!

Happy Birthday, brother Jay! On April 10th, my little brother turned 31. And to celebrate the occasion, we went to a Vancouver Canucks game together. It was incredible! The final, in case your news gets to you slower than this blog update (which is over a week late already), was 7-3 for the good guys. The stars of the team, Henrik and Daniel Sedin (identical twins from Sweden) combined for 3 goals and 5 assists, including some unbelievable plays!

Not only did we get to watch the game from decent seats, but we also got to meet some of the Calgary Flames, thanks to one of Jay's connections. So Ian White came down and chatted with us personally, and we were about 10 feet from Jarome Iginla, who is one of my favourite hockey players. He signed a jersey for one of Jay's friends, who was actually just doing a stranger a favour by getting it signed. Anyways, it was an unforgettable night. Thanks for letting me celebrate with you, Jay! Love ya, bro!



Welcome to Canada!

The first stop of my Vancouver trip was a walk around some of the Olympic sites, including the Opening Ceremony cauldron. Well, having missed the actual Opening Ceremony (though I did see pictures) it wasn't as special as it might have been to someone else, but I still really enjoyed just cruising around town with my bro Jay, whom I hadn't seen in nearly 2 years! (Sorry, no pics of him just yet!)

A few of his friends then took us out to dinner at a really fancy restaurant. It was so fancy that I couldn't even break out my camera to take pictures. I can't quite explain it, but it was like a restaurant from out of the movies – trendy music, rich young people dressed up real nice, and so on. So shy old me just kept his camera in its case and enjoyed a delicious salmon fettuccine. Thanks, Dave and John, for celebrating Jay's birthday with us!



Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Farewell shot - Koinonia Style

On Friday morning, I left Okinawa. It's been nearly a week now, and I am still a little bit sad inside. Okinawa was like HOME for me. Comfortable, great family, familiarity everywhere... I loved my time in Okinawa SO much. Thank you, Lord, for providing for ALL my needs and more! I know You'll continue to pour out Your blessings in Hokkaido, too!


Last Karaoke in Okinawa

Karaoke has never been so meaningful to me as it was on Thursday night. The Bible college students had the night off, so we had a huge group out at Karaoke Joy in Ginowan for one last bash together! I think there were around 25 of us in total! I got to hear a lot of songs I have never heard before (yep, getting old!) but also a lot of familiar songs sung by familiar voices. Truly an unbelievable night. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Thanks, Josh, for taking hold of my camera and snapping shots all through the evening! And of course, it was a joy to sing with you one last time!