Saturday, August 28, 2010

Welcome to Kotoni!


Well folks, some of you may already know that I moved into a new apartment at the start of this past month. It's not that I did not like the last place, but rather due to circumstances, I was unable to stay there much longer. And it God's perfect timing and by His guidance, I was led to this new place, and voila! I am living in comfort! Enjoy the video... if you have still not figured this out, Facebook users, you gotta click the "View Original Post" link and watch it on my blog! Thanks as always for watching!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Running Again

Geez, I am so sick of always quitting everything that I start! Last year around the beginning of July, I started running 3 times a week... and stuck it out quite faithfully until I moved away from Okinawa. Then I tried to at least do a little running while I was back in Winnipeg for a month, but since returning to Japan, I have not run much at all. I was rollerblading and running a bit, but then quit. Well, it's time to get BACK AT IT! So here I am... check the video for my full thoughts.