Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fantasy Baseball Press Conference

This one's for my boys in fantasy baseball. I have to keep the rivalry with Nate strong! Enjoy it, boys!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Gospel Concert in Naganuma

On Friday afternoon, Steve and Michiyo and I headed out to the town of Naganuma - neighbouring town to Yuni, where we have been doing ministry. Thanks to the pastor (Kurosawa san) of the local church, we were able to book this awesome stage which is near an onsen, pitch-and-putt golf, and dog walking park. Steve and Michiyo performed for about 90 minutes, and while the crowd was somewhat sparse (Friday afternoon, so most people were probably at work) we did get to speak to a few people and pass out some Bibles. It was a blessed day!

That evening we went back to the pastor's place and listened to the testimony of a man who has spent over 30 years in Israel working as a guide/fisherman/interpreter for the prime minister. It really brought things to life, and makes me want to go to Israel someday!



Saturday, June 19, 2010

Road Trip - Day 2

On my way home from Biei, I stopped in Furano and went to the cheese factory. I have to say there wasn't a lot of action going on that day... but they did have places where you could try making your own butter, cheese, ice cream, and... something else, I forget what. Anyways they were all expensive options, so instead I opted to buy some cheese-flavoured ice cream. Check out the video for details. (Sorry, it's in Japanese, folks! If you listen carefully, though, you can hear me babble on in English in the background.)

Then I took an alternative route home, through the hillside. It was GORGEOUS! I came across a little waterfall, and even took some pictures while driving! I hope you enjoy the album!



Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today, to cap off my 35th year of breathing air on God's green earth, I decided to drive up to the mountains to do something I had been putting off for too long: hot springs! The guys in Oki always asked me if I wanted to go... but the "hot springs" in Okinawa are not natural, not real... so it's just a big public bath. But this place was for REAL! And pretty reasonable, too: ¥500! I only took an 'after' pic because 'before' was too hideous and 'during' was too private. I'm sure you appreciate my discretion.


Road Trip!

To celebrate my 35th birthday, I decided to get outta town. I left Sapporo behind, and headed out to the town of Biei. Where is Biei, you ask? Beats me! It is near Furano, I think! Which is... somewhere in the middle of Hokkaido! Anyways, it was a 4-hour drive including a few stops, and I have to say, Hokkaido is a beautiful prefecture! I know Okinawa has the ocean and lots of beauty of its own... but Hokkaido (at least at this time of year) is hard to beat! Check out the pics!


Tobetsu - Kitties, Ice Cream and Yolk

Once again, Steve, Michiyo and I headed out to Tobetsu for a family Bible study with the Matsudas. This time, little Tetsuharu came along with us. So the Matsudas have like 8 little kittens, and Tetsuharu and I had a great time playing with them before the study. The Matsudas blessed us with Hokkaido soft ice cream from their restaurant, as well as sushi after the study. The Word was blessed as always! We finished up John 3, so we'll be starting chapter 4 next time! Oh, and I talked to Yoku (the youngest son who is considering attending Calvary Chapel Bible College in Okinawa) - I think I will spell his name Yolk from now on! Anyways, we will probably be starting a once weekly private Bible study in July. Pray that it would be a blessed time!


Christian Signs Everywhere

Awhile back, I posted a few pics from Yuni that had Christian messages, and I thought, "Wow, this town has boldness!" But then I also heard these signs were posted many years ago by a group of people who are no longer in Yuni or maybe even anywhere in Hokkaido. Anyways in the past few days I have seen a few signs in other areas.


A mere two blocks from my apartment /

A mere 200m from the Japanese inn I am staying at tonight /

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Beauty of Sapporo - Odori Park

I'm going to start a "series" of blog entries featuring different parts of Sapporo City (and maybe the rest of Hokkaido, too). Every now and then, as I explore the area, I will do my best to post pictures and make comments about what makes this part of Hokkaido unique or special. Stay tuned! Today's post features the beautiful Odori Park, which runs right through the city center. Fortunately for me, its westernmost point is a mere 5 blocks (or maybe 6) from my apartment. So I went rollerblading yesterday and took a few shots of different things I saw there. So here they are!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tobetsu - Fields and Pork

Once a month, Steve, Michiyo and I go out to Tobetsu - about an hour's drive from Sapporo. A man named Matsuda-san has asked us to do a Bible study at his house. Matsuda-san has 3 sons, of whom I have met 2. The youngest one is a strong Christian and is praying about going to Calvary Chapel Bible College (Okinawa) when he graduates from college in March 2012 (I think). His name is Yoku. Wonderful young man who loves the Lord and is growing in his faith. I had a great opportunity to chat with him after the study, and the Lord gave me some answers to his questions. Awesome! (Sorry I am so bad about taking pictures of people... I have been kind of shy to ask people if I can take their pictures. Next time, I promise!)


Sapporo skyline

This is the city I live in. Beautiful, isn't it? These 1.9 million people need to hear about Jesus, though! That's where Rose Garden Church will come in to play. I took this picture from the church, which is under construction now. It is scheduled to be ready for 'business' (wedding chapel in addition to many ministries) around June 20th. Pray for me, as I may have the opportunity to lead an English church service there every week!