Saturday, May 30, 2009

First Online Class!

I'm a college boy again! But this time, I'm studying online. This is extremely different from any other course I've ever done! I think back to all my post-high school education: one year living in a dorm studying journalism at Carleton U in Ottawa, 2 years commuting to school by car from my parents' place, 2 years of walking to school from "the Pasadena house", the summer of French in Quebec, the Japanese tutorials in Winnipeg before coming to Japan, the short Japanese (3 day) course I took in Ginowan back in '99, the semesters of Bible college at CMU, the Bible college courses taught by Pastor Tommy (back at the old CCO building). And now, this. Anaheim University's Master of Arts in TESOL, done all on-line, with the exception of 4 day residential sessions. WOW!

So here I am, "in class" (it's over now, but I was inspired to write this post during class) watching comments scroll up my screen, cross-referencing to the textbooks before me, sipping on an ice tea and eating a banana. Ever had class like that??? Ever gone to class dressed like this?

I love being in grad school so far, though it is hard work and will severely put a dent in my leisure time. You guys might have to call ME to make sure I'm still alive! Anyways, praise the Lord that I'm able to use technology in this way!

Bye bye, Mr. Hart

Actually, I just named my car "Mr. Hart" now, as I thought about it... last night some co-workers asked me if it was a boy or girl, and given the way I treated it, that car was no lady! So it had to have been a man. An old man, in car years... a 1992. Hence the "Mr." part. It was a Nissan Pulsar, and when I think of pulses, I think of the heart. But "Heart" is not a name, so it became "Hart." Anyways, after 3.5 years of loyal service to its ruthless master, Mr. Hart was brought to the place all good cars go when they die - the recycle shop. Mr. Hart was still alive, but struggling to perform at a decent level. So thanks to my favourite baseball player, who gave me all the advice I needed, I said farewell to Mr. Hart, and await his successor's arrival. (Next week sometime I will be picking up my new car... stay tuned for the post!)

愛する日産パルサーへ、あなたは3年間半、僕の荒い運転を我慢してくれてありがとうございました。お疲れ様でした。もっと可愛がっていたらあなたはまだ役に立ったのに、こんなむちゃな運転をして申し訳ありませんでした。最終的に抹消して1万6千円であなたを裏切ってしまってすみませんでした。ユダがイエスを裏切ったような気がしました(笑) 来週から新しい車を運転するけど、絶対に今回こそ大事にして長持ちしたいと思います!ミスターハート、さようなら!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The First BOB - 初ボブ


So yesterday was the first gathering of BOB (Brothers of Boaz). I wasn't sure how many people to expect, so it was kind of hard to know how much food/drink to prepare ahead, but God made everything good! A bunch of the guys brought drinks/snacks to supplement what I had, and a lot of the guys were willing to help prepare/serve. The evening started with Eder leading us in worship, followed by a message by yours truly (translated by Tokito), and then fellowship time! There were about 15 guys in attendance, and I look forward to next week! Let's see what God's going to do through the brotherhood that gathers every Monday night. Keep us in your prayers, guys!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Men's Discipleship, Part 2

Here is the 2nd promotion video created and shown during announcements to make the guys aware of the discipleship group we're starting tomorrow. Pray for me, as I'm starting grad school "tomorrow" (it will be put off until Tuesday), too!


Men's Discipleship, Part 1

With Rob and Simon's help, I threw together a couple of ads for the new Calvary Chapel Ginowan Men's Discipleship group. It starts tomorrow, and should be a great time of learning, drawing closer to the Lord, and growing in friendship! Pray for us!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Teppei!

We got a new guy in the English department this school year. His name is Teppei Kawakami, and he's from Saitama. Well today happened to be the first day of mid-term tests, and usually we enjoy a round of delicious beverages (milk tea) from Sasoriza. But thanks to facebook, I caught wind of it being Teppei's birthday today, so we took him out for delicious yakiniku! It was a great time of hanging out with my fellow English teachers, and oh MAN am I full! Happy birthday, Teppei!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Too many goodbyes

Another month, another group of people to say goodbye to. A week ago, my roommate and good friend Josh took off for Afghanistan. He'll be away for 10 months, but at least he's coming back! (For a short period, mind you.) But... one of the coolest families I have come in contact with is leaving. The Barrios family came here in 2005, and I really started to get to know them in 06 (I think) when they joined our fellowship. Dave and Liz are a really cool, loving couple. And their kids are so adorable! Julia is super mature and fun, Alondra is a prima donna if I've ever met one - and she's only 5, and Nico is a ball of energy... I'm going to miss them SO much, but they are moving to Oklahoma in a week. Anyways, we had a potluck lunch at church today for them - there was a lot of GOOD food, and Dave shared with us how much God has changed him... very moving testimony. Love you Barrioses - come back and visit sometime!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another Delicious Day

God has blessed us at the new house... it seems like there's always someone coming over and enjoying a good meal and fun times. Tonight, Daniel and Eder came over for some homemade pizza. Yummy! We also had fresh baked cookies soon after. Watched a little Simpsons, played a little Egyptian Slap (?) and Tantrix. Thanks for a blessed evening of fellowship, guys! Daniel, I'll miss you man. We gotta get together (perhaps in Sicily) for perehe! Keep the fire burning for Jesus in Korea, my friend! Oh, and we did purikura at Denen with Christina to cap off the evening. Thank you, Lord, for your continual outpouring of blessings!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

White Foreigner

No wait, persecuted man. Hakugaijin! Pastor Tim and his crew (from left to right: Rob, Ayu, Tim, Daniel, Hannah - see her at the bottom of the pic? - and Andrew) performed at Calvary Chapel Okinawa to a crowd of excited people. They did a 45-minute set, and performed all their songs from the debut CD "Welcome to the Ai-Land" and an extra one called "Rejoice". It was a sweet set, and a blessed night. Check out the videos below. The top one is "Travelin' the Valley" and the second one is "Ai".