Friday, May 28, 2010

Yuni - Ready for the Word?

Last night, Steve, Michiyo and I drove out to Yuni - about 90 minutes' drive from central Sapporo. We have been going there the past 2 weeks, walking around town and just letting people know that we are having a gathering every Thursday night. We plan on singing gospel songs, reading the Word, praying/Biblical counseling, and having a time of tea and snacks. Yuni is a small town - about 5,000 people or so. It is so laid back, so peaceful, and almost everything closes early.

We went to the local cake shop where we have befriended a lovely lady named Yumiko Shoji. She has been telling everyone about us, inviting housewives to come to our gathering, and although they were really excited about it at first, now they are having second thoughts. We are hoping to do a "gospel concert" next Thursday afternoon, so they can get out of the house and enjoy some sweet music. (For those of you who don't know, Steve and Michiyo are both accomplished professional musicians who are highly talented.)

After checking out some of the other stores, we barged in on the evening English conversation class, where both the Australian teacher (the lone foreigner in town) and the local students (ranging in age from 6 to 88) were flabbergasted to see so many foreigners in their little town. Finally, we went to the local yakitori joint for some good ramen and yakitori. We will continue to pray that God opens doors in Yuni - check out the pics... someone has posted Christian signs around town, so people's hearts are being prepared! Please pray with us!

先日にスティーブさんと美智代さんと一緒に由仁町に行ってきました。由仁町は人が少ないけれど、神様の聖霊が先に進まれた町です。街頭にクリスチャンの看板があり、イエス様にすごい興味があるケーキ屋さんのおばさんもいます。その方(庄司 由美子さん)は私たちのこれからの活動の予定を町民に広めてくださっています。(おまけにケーキはおいしいよ!)庄司さんは本当にかわいくてしゃべり方は個人的に好きです。何よりも御言葉に興味をもっている事に感動しました。新約聖書を渡したら嬉しそうに受け取ってくれて、ヨハネを読んでみると言いました。また、申し訳なさそうに「主婦さんはねぇ〜、行きたいとは言ってたけど。。。いきなり『仏様に悪いかもしれない』と言って、行かない事になってる。前まで仏教の事を無視したクセにねぇ〜」などを言って、とにかく庄司さんはすごい飢え渇いているようです。どうぞ、庄司さんのために祈ってください。



Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pasta-making Pastor

Almost every day I have been blessed by the Lorincz family. They are always inviting me over for lunch or dinner or taking me out, or bringing me food. Very humbling. Steve is an incredible cook! He knows all sorts of tricks, and all the best places to buy food, too. Praise the Lord, for He has provided so much in all of our lives! Here's a shot of Steve making his own pasta. (This was for a Hungarian organ-making team that is out here for a month, so I didn't get to try it. But according to his family, it's way better than anything you can buy in stores!)


Needed: Missionary Couple!

Last Tuesday, I went out to the town of Yuni (about 90 minutes from our church in Sapporo) with Steve, Michiyo and Pastor Rokusaburo. There's a place called the Yuni Ministry House there, but it is actually a church. It has a full sanctuary, a garage, a shed, a yard (where I suppose a garden could be planted) and a 2-room suite. It also has a second floor, which will be properly build to house a missionary couple when God calls someone here.

We have decided to commit to starting a Thursday evening study in Yuni. Last week, we weren't planning on going but Steve woke up in the morning and felt the Holy Spirit telling him that they had to go. So he and Michiyo went, and people were there! They also walked around town (as we had done on Tuesday) and told people about the church. They met a few Christians, and even the people who were not Christians seemed genuinely interested and excited that we would be starting something there!

The name of the building will be changed soon to Yuni Calvary Church. The sign will have the "Calvary dove" on it, and we are praying that God would send a missionary couple to be at the church full-time. In the interim, we plan on being there every Thursday evening for fellowship and worship. Pray for us!




Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Apartment - A Quick Tour

Hey y'all. Remember a year or so ago, I introduced to you my home in Ginowan? Well, I thought I'd throw together a quick video of my new apartment in Sapporo. Enjoy! (Facebookers: Come to my blog to see the video!)


New Church Building - Outside View

Here it is, folks: Odori Christ Church (Odori Kirisuto Kyokai). This is where Steve holds services on Sunday mornings at 8:30. (Note: Just the left building is the church. The building on the right is a paid parking garage.) If you are living in Sapporo and want to attend, we would love to have you join us!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Last Night in Canada

Wednesday marks my final night in Canada for a long time (probably). My mom invited my older bro Ash and his wife Nancy and their two sons, Myles and Damon, over for dinner. It was a great combination of homemade pizza (not by me, but my mom - I am her apprentice, you might say) and ice cream cake. I got to have a final few minutes of playing with my nephews, chatting with my siblings, and now I am hanging out with my mom until bed time. It has truly been a blessed time here in Canada (and even my time in the States was pretty good). God has showed me a lot, blessed me a ton, and given me lots of rest. I am really excited to be coming back to Japan, and starting a new work in Hokkaido, but I am also so thankful for all the precious moments I have spent with everyone here. This trip back to the homeland has been quite possibly the best one I have ever had. Thank you Lord for Your protection, provision, and providence.

By the way, I don't have any pics of me with both my nephews, but my bro took a few so hopefully I'll get some from him one of these days!



Eyebrows - Before and After

Ever heard of getting your eyebrows threaded? It's a really weird, unique procedure that involves having someone take thread and basically... well, here's the Wiki link. I had it done... so here's a before-and-after shot. What do you think?


A Reunion With Many Connections

Let's see if I can get this straight:
1) Ben, Megan, Marie and Trevor worked together at Hull's.
2) Ben and Mitch went to Concord College together.
3) Marilyn and Trevor went to CMU together.
4) Marie and Kyle went to MBCI together.5) Megan also went to MBCI but after Kyle and Marie.
6) Kyle, Mitch, Marilyn and Megan were/are Cross-Eyed Rascals.
7) Marilyn, Megan and Trevor were roommates for awhile.
8) Mike worked at the same place as Marie's mom.

Did I miss any, you guys? I had a great evening with you all! Thanks for inviting me over, Megan and Mitch! (In the photo: Back Row = Megan, Mitch, Ben, Mike, Marie. Front Row = Kyle, Marilyn, Trevor.)


Dad and his Grandchildren

The other day I got to spend some time with my dad and my nephews. I didn't get a lot of good shots, mostly because I am not the most patient of picture takers. But here's what I got. I have to admit, my family is wonderful.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Getting Chubby

I've been eating so much good food over the past month, it's a miracle I am not bursting at the seams! (God made me seamless so I guess there's no chance of that eh?) Anyways, out in the town where my dad lives, there is a gas station where they have self-serve soft ice cream - a regular cone costs $1.27 (within reason - if you go oversize it's $1.99) and the waffle cone option is $2.27 but you get a LOT more ice cream. And it's GOOD stuff! Seriously, like, REALLY good! So I've had it twice already, and hope to hit it up once more tomorrow.


Cousin Time

Some of you in Okinawa remember my dear cousin, Sheila. It has been great catching up with her these past few days. Today we did lunch, shopping, grandma time, dinner, musical, and late-night cards together. A full day, but definitely great times.


My Oba-

Grandma Krahn is my last surviving grandparent, so it's always great to visit her. In the past week I have seen her 3 times. First, we had a big gathering, and she asked me how come I wasn't coming home with a girlfriend yet. Second time I played Upwords with her and my mom, and then we went out to lunch at the Chicken Chef (my first "real" workplace). Then today, me and cousin Sheila stopped by unexpectedly and played some Aggravation with her. She is a sweet old lady who is trying hard to stay active and still cooks! Ninety-one plus years of wisdom and great stories, and she's still quite witty! Love you, Grandma!